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Oil & Gas

One of our major area of specialization is petrochemicals, energy, oil and gas, commonly known as the "Oil & Gas". This is a specialized field, which plays an important role qualifications and experience of the operation, according to qualification API Q1 and the relevant product specifications.

In this area we provide:  

  • Consulting        
  • Audits        
  • Training         
  • Inspections          
  • Acceptance            

Qualifications and resources:

  • In this area we have inspectors, auditors, trainers and consultants with experience in the field.         
  • Qualification in auditing, consulting and training are provided long-term experience in this field, international qualifications IRCA auditors of quality, environment, safety and guaranteed by the auditor's competence API.          
  • Qualification of inspections and acceptances are guaranteed operational experience, expertise in the field of welding, NDT, machinery and equipment in all operational processes including specialty, including special materials, knowledge production and testing processes and criteria.      

Open training acc to specification API Q1 9.Ed + Errata 2, Addendum 2 - requirements for Quality Management System for organization in oil and gas industries,


04.03. 2020 - 05.03. 2020

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