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API SPECIFICATION Q1 - Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Manufacturing Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry      

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: API 2H, 4F, 5CT, 5D, 5DP, 5L, 5LD, 6A, 6D, 6DSS, 7K, 7-1, 8C, 9A, 11AX, 16A, 16C, 16D, 17D, 17E, 17J, 20C, 20A, 20B, 20N, 20E, 600, 602, 608, 609, 614, etc.      

The basic principles and services in this area:   

  • Introduction and preparation of a quality management system certified to API Q1           
  • Preparing for API monogram license          
  • Auditing internal, customer and supplier audits, including critical                 

Basic principles of implementation of the system and preparation for certification:

  • Introductory Analysis:                                
    • Mapping the major business process                
    • Review of existing process execution and management of the company to the individual requirements of API Q1 and corresponding product specifications                
    • Define the differences and solution design                
    • Draft implementation procedure                
    • The results of the analysis are processed into a report which, after consultation with the company's management determines the loading process. According to the conclusions can build a system independently or under the supervision of a consultant               
  • Methodological guidance                                   
    • individual consultations to introduce the issue of process management, risk management and specific requirements of the oil, gas, financial and petrochemical industries                
    • consultation and creation of the necessary system documentation                
    • Capabilities manufacturing, inspection and other personnel tion                
    • Eligibility used by manufacturing, control and measuring equipment                
    • Relevant procedures and methods of control                
    • Quality control and production projects in accordance with specified standards or customer requirements                
  • Training                                    
    • Management                
    • Implementation Team                
    • Employees at all levels                
    • Internal auditors                
  • Internal audits                                
    • Performing internal audits                
    • The incorporation of internal auditors in practice               
    • Implementation of a comprehensive pre-certification audit and verification of readiness for certification                
    • Cooperation in the certification audit                
    • Assistance in the establishment and improvement of the set management system