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These are mainly in manufacturing, construction and start-up technology in the petrochemical, energy, oil and gas. Basic principles and services in this area:     

  • Independent inspection activity and control of projects, production, implementation and investment units, products and services           
  • Supervision during production, quality control plans, inspections, tests and trials, including ongoing monitoring of the implementation of the production schedule           
  • Surveys of the final product or technology according to customer requirements, standards, legal requirements and other requirements specified           
  • Supervision of installation, construction and start-up technologies, including the test operation, evaluation and putting into permanent operation                

Basic principles of operation:     

  • Independent control                                
    • Filling specified requirements (specifications, procedures, quality plans, etc.)                
    • Compliance with the project schedule, completion and meeting deadlines                
    • Capabilities manufacturing, inspection and other personnel tion                
    • Eligibility used by manufacturing, control and measuring equipment                
    • Relevant procedures and methods of control                
    • Quality control and production projects in accordance with specified standards or customer requirements                
  • Inspection and control of special processes (welding, NDT, surface treatment, heat treatment, coating systems, etc)         
  • Technical inspections and controls on the spot,         
  • Technical inspections and audits of manufacturers and suppliers, including the so-called. "Critical purchases"          
  • Providing independent, continuous monitoring and reporting of project performance, production, installation and other services          
  • Ensure control activities independent party          
  • Supervision of implementation and control of contractors and subcontractors, including critical suppliers          
  • Surveys of products and services on behalf of customers, especially in terms of quality and completeness          
  • Supervision of installation, construction of new and refurbished technologies         
  • Approach technologies including trial operation, evaluation and putting into permanent operation