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Inspection and Survey Service

Inspection and Survey Service

Independent inspection service, project and production monitoring, product and service survey

Acceptance inspection and testing according to the customer, legal and other specific requirements

Basic Service Principles:

    Independent inspection of

    • Fulfilment of specific requirements
    • Project plan, date and production fulfilment
    • Competence of personnel in production, quality and other relevant departments
    • Procedures and instructions of quality control
    • Quality of production and projects acc. to the specific standards
    • Purchasing of material and services
  • Inspection and testing in field of special processes (welding, NDT, surface treatment, heat treatment, etc)
  • Technical inspection and supervision at the realisation premises
  • Technical inspection and audits of producers and suppliers
  • Continuous supervision and reporting of project, production and service status
  • Survey and inspection by independent party
  • Monitoring and survey of suppliers and sub-suppliers
  • Inspections and surveys on behalf of customers

Open training acc to specification API Q1 9.Ed + Errata 2, Addendum 2 - requirements for Quality Management System for organization in oil and gas industries,


04.03. 2020 - 05.03. 2020

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