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Metrology in management systems

Metrology in management systems - new

Objective: Getting to know with the requirements of management system standards for metrological ensuring, basic introduction in legislative requirements and examples ensuring metrological order within the management system

Intended for: Starting with metrology, management representatives, quality managers, EMS, OHSAS, auditors, internal auditors, auditors of customer audits, and All who are interested in or want to pursue management systems and comes into contact with metrology, gauges, or ensuring Metrology order.

Process: Interpretation, practical examples and solutions, discussion

The scope and manner of termination:1 day, complete by exposure of personnel Certificate of completion of course

Open training acc to specification API Q1 9.Ed + Errata 2, Addendum 2 + errata 3 - requirements for Quality Management System for organization in oil and gas industries,


04.10. 2022 - 05.10. 2022

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