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Evaluation of compliance with legislative requirements

Evaluation of legal requirements compliance

Evaluation includes mainly:

  • Relevant legal requirements identification in filed of:
    • Environment generally:
      • Water protection
      • Air protection
      • Waste management
      • Hazardous substances management
      • Prevention of consequential industrial accidents, IPPC, …..
    • Occupational Health and Safety generally
      • Labour Code and related regulations
      • Safety of technical equipment
      • Health protection
      • Operational control evaluation
  • Operational control evaluation
  • Discrepancy identification and suggestion of necessary measures

Method of evaluation:

The analysis is performed on site by in-process assessment of requirements fulfillment. The assessor is competent person for each part of legal requirements. The analysis could be assured for each requirement individually or as integrated assessment.

Output and utilization:

The analysis output is a report discussed with management. The report structure is:

  • Legal requirements
  • Assessment of fulfilment level
  • Necessary measures proposal
  • Specific findings and observation resulted from on site evaluation
  • Assurance of full compliance with relevent requirements