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Ensuring the performance of competent persons

Ensuring the performance of competent persons

Part of comprehensive services is ensuring the performance of professionally qualified persons whose provisions result from regulatory requirements or the specific requirements of the organization.

Performance range of the competent person depends on the requirements of the company and is determined by mutual agreement contained in the contractual relationship.

Assurance of competent persons:

  • A person qualified in the prevention of BOZP risks - Security techniques
  • Corporate ecologist
  • Corporate waste manager
  • Corporate water manager
  • The authorized person for the management of chemicals and preparations
  • Trustee for the security of classified information within the meaning of the Act 148/1998 Coll.

Scope of business qualify persons:

  • Ensuring the performance of legal requirements in a corporate environment
  • Methodical management of the area
  • Ensuring communication with suppliers and other interested groups in the performance of their duties
  • Preparation of documents for communication with state authorities
  • Keeping binding documentation and records, reporting to government authorities
  • Providing expert statements, analysis and measurement
  • Implementation and ensure the implementation of mandatory training
  • Performance of control activities
  • Reporting on its activities and the method of securing the company's leadership