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Comprehensive introduction of an energy management system according to ISO 50001

Energy management systems according to ISO 50001

Basic principles of the system:
  • Effective and efficient use of energy
  • Increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy intensity

The process of implementation of the principles of energy management:

  • Processing initial analysis for the implementation of the management system according to standards and legislation in force
  • Start of implementation of agreed recommendations of analysis including:
    • Implement measures to ensure fulfillment of legal requirements
    • Implement measures arising from the standards, including:
    • Identification and evaluation of all aspects of energy and energy factors
    • Processing register of opportunities for energy saving
    • Defining significant energy aspects
    • Determination energy objectives, targets and programs for its implementation
    • Issuance of of energy policy
    • Processing register of of legal and other requirements
    • Determination of the management of all significant energy aspects

Providing training for employees at different levels:

  • Top management
  • work team of Implementation
  • Internal auditors
  • Central management
  • Employees

Processing documentation management system and relevant records:

  • Setting up an effective and efficient communication of energy management
  • Setting operation - operating procedures, criteria for the operation, evaluating energy consumption, energy considerations, energy efficiency, etc.

Monitoring and Measurement

  • Energy measurement
  • Energy consumption and energy factors
  • Energy performance indicators
  • Evaluation of compliance with legislative requirements as those for which the company has committed

Internal energy audits

  • Implementation of energy audits
  • Ensuring procedure for implementing corrective and preventive actions