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EMS Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001, BS 8555 or EMAS

Environmental Management System EMS acc. to the ISO 14001, BS 8555 or EMAS

Basic system principles:

  • Pollution prevention
  • Continual improvement = environmental impact reduction

Process of management system implementation:

  • Initial analysis of
    • Management system requirements
    • Legal and other requirements
    • Identification of differences and solution suggestion
    • Suggestion of implementation project phases
    • The analysis results are processed to the Initial Analysis Report (IAR). The report IAR is basic document for management system implementation after the management approval. The project implementation is under guidance of lead consultant TTS.
  • Comprehensive implementation:
    • Realization of action resulted from the IAR :
    • Fulfillment of legal and other requirements
    • Identification and evaluation of environmental aspects
    • Register of environmental aspects
    • Identification of significant aspects
    • Company policy, objectives and programmes
    • Register of relevant legal and other requirements
    • Setting of methods of environmental aspects control including suitable monitoring
    • Emergency preparedness for emergency situation
    • Effective communication
    • Management system documentation processing
    • Environmental information processing related to EMAS
    • Environmental declaration for EMAS
  • Training
    • Management
    • Implementation team
    • Employees at all levels
    • internal auditors
  • Internal audits
    • Implementation of internal audits
    • Incorporation of internal auditors in practice
    • Perform a comprehensive pre-certification audit

    • Cooperation in the certification audit
    • Assistance in the establishment and improvement of the set management system